This documentation is for the v1 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v1/tracktrace


Action Name Description Invocation URL
Add Label Alias Add LabelAlias to a Fastway Label. /v1/tracktrace/addlabelalias
Batch Proof of Delivery Perform a batch Proof of Delivery lookup on the specified label numbers. This method literally calls /tt/pod on all the supplied label numbers and puts them in an array. /v1/tracktrace/masspod
Batch Tracking Events Performs a batch Track/Trace lookup on the specified label numbers. Note: A maximum of 100 at a time can be looked up or an error will occur. When looking up more than 10 labels you must use a POST request. /v1/tracktrace/massdetail
Calling Card lookup Given a Calling Card number it will return any associated Fastway label numbers /v1/tracktrace/ccllookup
Country Website Redirect Redirects user to the correct Fastway public track and trace website based on the CountryCode /v1/tracktrace/redirect
Get Carriers View the list of external carriers who links with fastway. /v1/tracktrace/getcarriers
Has Scans Check if the LabelNumber has any scan events. /v1/tracktrace/hasscans
List Scan Status Codes List the scan status codes for the specified country. Result includes Status Code, Short Description and Extended Description. /v1/tracktrace/liststatuscodes
Proof of Delivery Perform a Proof of Delivery check on the supplied label number. This will check for the existance of a Delivery scan, and return the delivery information if it is available. /v1/tracktrace/pod
Render HTML Template Render the result of a track/trace query as HTML /v1/tracktrace/render
Subscribe Email Subscribe to get email notifications for a Label /v1/tracktrace/subscribeemail
Temando RequestID lookup Looks up Fastway label numbers for a given Temando requestID. /v1/tracktrace/temandolookup
Tracking Events Do a Track/Trace lookup on the specified LabelNumber. /v1/tracktrace/detail
Unsubscribe Email Unsubscribe an email address from receiving notifications for a Label /v1/tracktrace/unsubscribeemail

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