This documentation is for the v7 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v7/electronicatl


deliver customers the ability to register for a permanent electronic ATL via the public website. A management portal in MFM will allow for Regional Franchisees to approve and administer new and existing requests. The existing ILOC barcodes will be despatched to customers by the RF to affix somewhere on their property for a courier to scan on delivery


Action Name Description Invocation URL
AddLocationByAtlId Add a new location to the Electronic ATL /v7/electronicatl/addlocationbyatlid
CancelRenewalATL Cancel an existing ATL /v7/electronicatl/cancelrenewalatl
CreateNewATL Create a new ATL application /v7/electronicatl/createnewatl
CreateNewLocationTemp Create temporary safe location which is used in the sign up page. Note that the ATL is not yet created, therefore the safelocation added by the user needs to be held temporarily /v7/electronicatl/createnewlocationtemp
CreateTempNewSafeLocations Create a new temporary safe location /v7/electronicatl/createtempnewsafelocations
DeleteAllSafeLocationsBySessionId Delete all temporary safe locations /v7/electronicatl/deleteallsafelocationsbysessionid
DeleteBySafeLocationId Delete Safe location /v7/electronicatl/deletebysafelocationid
DeleteBySafeLocationSessionId Delete temporary safe location /v7/electronicatl/deletebysafelocationsessionid
GetATLById Get ATL details /v7/electronicatl/getatlbyid
GetATLSafeLocationsById Get Safe location details /v7/electronicatl/getatlsafelocationsbyid
GetATLSafeLocationsBySessionId Get temporary safe locations /v7/electronicatl/getatlsafelocationsbysessionid
RenewATL Renew an existing ATL /v7/electronicatl/renewatl
ValidateAddressAsNonRural Check if the address entered is rural or not /v7/electronicatl/validateaddressasnonrural

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