This documentation is for the v2 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v2/fastlabel/contactdetail


Gets the details for a contact based on their AccountNo (ie, your reference number)


AccountNo - The Account Number identifying the contact


An object with the contact information, or an error if the contact does not exist.
The structure of the returned object is as follows:

	'result': [{
            'AccountNo': '1232113'
            'Company': 'Good Grocers'
            'ContactName' : 'Tom Good'
            'StreetAddress' : '34 Romanes Drive'
            'Suburb' : 'Tawa'
            'City' : 'Havelock North 1'
            'Postcode' : null
            'Phone' : '06 8340936'
            'EmailAddress': null
    'generated_in': '62ms'
Note: An array of objects is returned because the AccountNo is not a unique field in the database and there could be multiple matches.


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