This documentation is for the v4 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v4/psc/eta


Perform a PSC lookup with an target ETA.
Note: All prices include GST unless otherwise stated.
Prices are for prepaid purchases only, for one-off cash sales please contact your local Regional Franchise.


RFCode - The RFCode of the pickup franchise (eg SYD, NPE, AUK). See the List Regional Franchises method for a more comprehensive list.
Suburb - The destination suburb (eg Homebush, Newcastle, Bunbury)
Postcode - The destination postcode (eg 2140, 4112, 4176)
Weight - The total weight of the parcel, in kilograms.
PickupDate - Required to calculate the target delivery date (format d/m/yyyy - 23/12/2017).

Note: If you specify a cubic weight AND a dead weight, then the greater one will be used in the calculation.


A data structure. In JSON, it looks like:
All dates are Day/Month/Year format

    'result': {
        'from': 'Auckland',
        'to': 'Napier',
        'state': 'NI',
        'postcode': '4112',
        'delfranchise': 'Hawkes Bay',
		'delfranchise_code': 'NPE',
		'pickfranchise': 'Auckland',
		'pickfranchise_code': 'AUK',
        'delivery_timeframe_days': '1',
        'target_delivery': {
            pickup_date: '3/04/2017',
            earliest_delivery_date: '4/04/2017',
            latest_delivery_date: '4/04/2017'
        'parcel_weight_kg': 0,
        'services': [
                'type': 'Parcel',
                'name': 'Road (NI to NI)',
                'labelcolour': 'Orange',
                'labelcolour_array': ['ORANGE'],
                'labelcolour_pretty': 'Orange',
                'labelcolour_pretty_array': ['Orange'],
                'weightlimit': 10,
                'excess_labels_required': 0,
                'excess_label_price_normal': '0',
                'excess_label_price_frequent': '0',
                'excess_label_price_normal_exgst': '0',
                'excess_label_price_frequent_exgst': '0',
                'labelprice_normal': '12.13',
                'labelprice_frequent': '10.87',
                'labelprice_normal_exgst': 10.55,
                'labelprice_frequent_exgst': 9.45,
                'totalprice_normal': '12.13',
                'totalprice_frequent': '10.87',
                'totalprice_normal_exgst': '10.55',
                'totalprice_frequent_exgst': '9.45',
                'rural_labels_required': 0
                'type': 'Satchel',
                'name': 'Satchel',
                'labelcolour': 'SAT-NAT-E11/SAT-NAT-A5/SAT-NAT-A4/SAT-NAT-A3/SAT-NAT-A2',
                'labelcolour_array': ['SAT-NAT-E11','SAT-NAT-A5','SAT-NAT-A4','SAT-NAT-A3','SAT-NAT-A2'],
                'labelcolour_pretty': 'DL/A5/A4/A3/A2',
                'labelcolour_pretty_array': ['DL','A5','A4','A3','A2'],
                'weightlimit': 5,
                'excess_labels_required': 0,
                'excess_label_price_normal': '0',
                'excess_label_price_frequent': '0',
                'excess_label_price_normal_exgst': '0',
                'excess_label_price_frequent_exgst': '0',
                'labelprice_normal': '9.77',
                'labelprice_frequent': '2.59',
                'labelprice_normal_exgst': 8.5,
                'labelprice_frequent_exgst': 2.25,
                'totalprice_normal': '9.77',
                'totalprice_frequent': '2.59',
                'totalprice_normal_exgst': '8.50',
                'totalprice_frequent_exgst': '2.25',
                'rural_labels_required': 0
    'generated_in': '265ms'
Note: The 'rural_labels_required' key will only show for New Zealand based lookups.


Lookup the cost and delivery date of sending a 5kg (dead weight) parcel from Auckland to Napier South: South/4110/5?pickupDate=1/4/2017&api_key=YOUR_API_KEY

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