This documentation is for the v6 (stable) version of the API.


The Fastway API is a RESTful API that is intended to be invoked by third parties in order to take advantage of and integrate with our internal systems.

The API is intended for use by programmers only. If you are not a programmer, please refer to the FAQ page.

The API is divided into areas. Each area has methods that can be called that relate to that area. Each method call is represented by a URI.

API support

Fastway provides support for programmers who access the Fastway API directly from this site. If you’re a developer and you’re experiencing issues with the API functionality and require support, please contact Fastway and ensure you have an example of the API call (URL) you’re trying to make.

Unfortunately, Fastway doesn’t provide support for customers experiencing issues with pre-built/3rd party plug-ins for eCommerce solutions. If you’re experiencing issues with such a plug-in you’ll need to contact the developer of that software.

What's New

  • Ported to ASP.NET MVC
  • Added versioning support
  • Completely re-did documentation

Known Issues

  • The 'Search API Docs' function above does not work.
  • Badly formed urls that used to work (eg /latest/psc/lookup/.xml) no longer work. Format the url properly (eg /latest/psc/lookup.xml) and it will work.

Available areas:

Area Name Description Invocation URL
Customer Connect This area contains Customer Connect API End Points /v6/customerconnect
Electronic Authority to leave (e-ATL) /v6/electronicatl
etacalculator /v6/etacalculator
Price Service Calculator Determine the cost to send goods between two locations. /v6/psc
Track and Trace This area contains track/trace related API calls. /v6/tracktrace

Restricted areas:

Area Name Description Invocation URL
Collections Methods for informing Fastway of needed collections /v6/collections
Dynamic Labels Methods dealing with dynamic label allocation to third parties. /v6/dynamiclabels
Electronic labels IFS / Compdata This area contains methods for sending and receiving data for third party label printing systems. /v6/electroniclabels
enquiry /v6/enquiry
External Labels Allow externally labeled parcels to move through the network as normal. /v6/externallabels
FastLabel All the calls centering around FastLabel live in here. /v6/fastlabel
Fms National Master This area contains methods relating to FMS from a National perspective. /v6/fmsnm
Franchise Information Contains methods for extracting information about Fastway franchises. /v6/franchise
FSO /v6/fso
Labels This area contains methods relating to Label information /v6/labels
MyLocate Methods dealing with the MyLocate data. /v6/mylocate
ParcelConnect This area contains methods for interacting with Parcel connect /v6/parcelconnect
parcelconnectcollectservice /v6/parcelconnectcollectservice
parcelconnectreturnservice Returns Service /v6/parcelconnectreturnservice
parcelconnectsendservice /v6/parcelconnectsendservice
PayZone This section contains all the PayZone related API calls. /v6/payzone
PostPlus This area contains methods for interacting with PostPlus /v6/postplus
receiverpays /v6/receiverpays
Remote Agent The API calls that the Fastway Remote Agent uses live here /v6/agent
RSS Feeds Contains RSS feeds of various Fastway information as it occurs /v6/rss
systemstatus System Status /v6/systemstatus
Temando Methods for requesting a pickup /v6/temando
Third Party Couriers This area contains Courier specific related API calls and render methods. /v6/thirdpartycouriers
Trans tasman All the calls centering around trans tasman live in here. /v6/transtasman
underticketing /v6/underticketing
Yodel This area contains methods for interacting with Yodel /v6/yodel
zendeskservice Returns Service /v6/zendeskservice

Restricted areas are not available to the general public, however access can be requested. See the contact page for more info. If you have been granted access to restricted areas, the documentation can be viewed by appending the api_key parameter to this page with your API key.

Country Codes

Some of our API calls require Country Codes. Here are the valid ones: